God is the divine Giver…of himself Journey One

After God designed everything, what did he do?

There’s something satisfying about completing a project. You invest time and effort, perhaps at personal cost, and then the task is completed and, like a cat that’s found a lifetime’s supply of cream, you purr with contentment. You’ve been released to enjoy life again and to relax for a while. It’s time to reward yourself. What would you do? If you had a day free after a busy week of creativity, what would you choose to do?

After God had packed into a week what we couldn’t do in an eternity of weeks, he had a day free. What would you have done with that day – if you were God? Have a break, a rest or a holiday? Would you spoil yourself, go shopping, have a day in the country or socialize? Or would you take on an even bigger project? Well, that’s what God did. After God created the world, you see, he gave a gift to it – people.

But this wasn’t easy – even for God. Because creating people meant more problems than creating the universe ever did – you see, people were created with the possibility of saying “No”. The universe cannot say ‘no’ to God – but we can.

God wanted to create people who could enjoy a relationship with him. But he didn’t want to force that relationship on them; he didn’t want robots, people programmed to love him. He wanted them to love him freely. That meant that they had to be free to leave his love as an unwanted gift, to say “No thank you” – to God. And God gave us that choice. He created us with the potential to present him with pleasure – and pain.


Because he wanted our relationship with him to be based on love, freely offered and freely received. To do that best, he allowed us to say “No”.

To start that relationship with us, all he expects us to say is “Yes”. On the basis of our recognizing our need of God’s forgiveness, achieved by Jesus when he died on the cross, God says, “Welcome”. God accepts us unconditionally. We give to him nothing but our sins and ourselves; he gives us his forgiveness and himself.

It’s an unequal, unfair transaction but he enters into it – willingly. That’s why the word ‘grace’ is used so often of the Christian. Everything that happens to us is proof of God’s grace. The author, C. S. Lewis, writes, ‘God who needs nothing, loves into existence wholly superfluous creatures in order that He may love and perfect them’. That’s grace; that’s the divine Giver.

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