The Original Architect – journey three

Have you ever wondered why God created us?

God is creative

Psalm 104 describes the trees being cared for by God (v.16) while young lions and fish depend on God (vs. 21-27). The writer to the Hebrews speaks of God’s sustaining the world (1:3). He’s not like a giant Atlas, holding the world on his shoulders; God’s role as sustainer describes not so much his strength but his authority. He controls the destiny of the world, determining its end from its beginning, holding all things together (Col. 1:17). Jesus reminds us that God even cares for the inconsequential sparrow in order to encourage us not to worry (Luke 12:6). After all, he’s the Creator.

God is still creating

The days of creation have not finished; the Creator is still creating. He’s moving, tireless and enthusiastic in all he does. Lamentations 3:23 records, ‘Your mercies are new every morning’; Isaiah (43:19) states, ‘See I am doing a new thing’ while Psalm 40:3 proclaims, ‘He has put a new song in my mouth’. He’s the God of the now…as well as the past; the God of the new as well as the old. He’s the active God who intimately involves himself in our lives. He doesn’t idly sit by and watch the world from a distance…he dynamically moves within our lives.

God’s creativity is reflected in us

As God enjoys creating, he has also blessed us with his creative gene and a similar prospect to enjoy our creativity awaits us. God creates chances for change, developing fresh experiences, innovative opportunities, progressive adventures and life destinies for us; creating what we will be out of what we were. Our responsibility is to gaze into the future with the recognition that our creative God is planning it. With the help of the Spirit as our guide, our next step should be to determine how to creatively develop frameworks for change within our lifestyles.

Some may wish to write songs, learn to play an instrument, engage in a new aspect of life, write a book or research a subject. The list is endless – projects to see through, trips to make, people to see, new habits to form. Each represents an opportunity for creativity. Are we living in the present realising that there is a future to be grasped or living in the present as if the future didn’t exist? A. W. Tozer wrote, ‘Refuse to be average’.

Only God knows the kind of person who is waiting to be developed within each of us, but with his capacity to be creative, he encourages us to dream and whispers, ‘Be creative like your Creator’.

Anyone can tell how many seeds are in an apple but only God can tell how many apples are in a seed. Take a leaf out of God’s book and be creative, like your creator.

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