The Original Architect – journey one

Have you ever wondered why God created the Earth?

God’s creativity is an expression of freedom – his freedom

The Bible doesn’t explore in detail how God created but it’s emphatic in declaring that he did. But here’s what’s fascinating – no one encouraged God to create; no one suggested the idea to him; it wasn’t something that he had to do. Before God created anything and anyone, he existed in perfect, self-sufficient contentment. God needs nothing outside of himself. His creation of the world is a remarkable act of golden grace.

God’s creativity reflects beauty – his beauty

On a beautiful day when the world was waiting and the angels were watching, God created human life. Adam and Eve were sparkling new. As with all he had created before, his creation was exquisite; it was beautiful. Beauty exists because of God. It may be the fragility of a butterfly, the awesome spectacle of a mountain, a breathtaking sunset or a soft snowflake. All are excellent in their own way, to be admired because they’re beautiful and because they reflect the beauty that belongs to God.

God’s creativity reflects meticulous precision – his meticulousness

The chances of the earth meeting the exact criteria needed for life to exist by chance are astronomical. In the OT, God is revealed as a master craftsman, a peerless designer who produces a perfectly executed creation (Job 38:4-6).

There is precision about the creation of the earth. The speed of the rotation of the earth around the sun ensures that wind speeds on earth are beneficial (unlike Jupiter which rotates twice as quickly, causing wind speeds of up to 1000 miles an hour). In the last 100 years, atomic clocks reveal that this has changed by only 1.7 milliseconds – by the way, a millisecond is a thousandth of a second.

The balance between nitrogen, oxygen, argon and carbon dioxide in the air is just right for life to be maintained. The distance from the earth to the sun is just right. Much closer and the glaciers would melt, and cities and islands would be flooded. Further away and the world would freeze to death.

The presence of water is rare in the universe. In fact, it’s only known to exist on earth – covering 71% of the earth’s surface. It functions as a worldwide air conditioner, keeping temperatures bearable, and also acting as an recycling organism, dissolving most of the earth’s carbon dioxide in it.

The size and density of the earth, the thickness of the crust of the earth, its closeness to the sun, the size and brightness of the sun, these and many other features indicate that creation is complex and precisely ordered. God is meticulous in all he does.

He creates because he’s God but also, he creates so that his creation can receive his smile. Those whom he forms feel his pleasure. His creativity is channelled into being because of love…his perfect love. Remarkable…

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